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In an effort to bring more value to CNA membership, increase member engagement, and bring a larger voice to the nursing profession in Colorado, CNA has created 5 new Advisory Groups.

The CNA membership committee surveyed members to gain more information on the areas of nursing practice that are most desired for connection. The goal of these groups is to provide space for our members to connect with other like-minded members in the area that most fits their passion for nursing. These groups will serve as advisors for GAPP, the Board of Directors and others when determining position statements, legislative priorities, public comment, future legislative drafts, upcoming events, social media content, continued education and strategic initiatives of the organization. 

Based on the results of the survey, the following Advisory Groups have been created:

  • New Graduate (Recently graduated nurses who are in the first 3 years of their nursing career.)​
  • Rural Nursing (Nurses who work in sparsely populated and underserved geographical locations, including support for the unique challenges of rural care.)​
  • Nurse Educators/Professional Development (Ensuring the delivery of quality care to citizens by fostering and advancing the professional and educational development of nurses to the end that all people may have better nursing care.)​
  • Workplace Advocacy (Nurses interested in improving the workplace environment including areas such as violence, safe staffing and risk management.)​
  • Nursing Research (Nurses interested in all levels of healthcare-related research; health-related data collection that supports evidence-based practice and policy.)​ 

Whether you have a mild interest, are an expert, or looking to learn more, your participation and insight will bring value and success to these groups.

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