CNA Awards Program And Past Recipients

CNA's current awards program was put in place in 2017 and recognizes nurses for their exceptional contribution to the nursing profession and to the Colorado Nurses Association. The following awards were established by CNA and are presented to the recipients during their Annual Conference. All Awards, other than the DNA Nurses of the Year, are selected by the Awards Committee with input from the CNA Board.

  • Margie Ball-Cook Award

    Award for contributions to advancing equal opportunities in nursing for members of minority groups.
  • Sara Jarrett Award
    Award for contributions to nursing practice and health policy through political and legislative activity.

  • CNA Leadership Award
    Award to recognize a nurse who has served as a leader in CNA through service on the Board of Directors or on a Committee or Task Force.

  • Carol O'Meara Award 
    Award for a CNA member who has made sustained contributions to CNA.
  • Emerging Leader Award
    Award to recognize an individual who has been a nurse for no more than 10 years and who is emerging as a leader in CNA or a DNA.

  • The CNA Hall of Fame Award (see recipients)
    Established to Honor CNA Members whose dedication and achievements have significantly affected the Colorado nursing profession.
  • DNA Nurse of Year Award
    The DNA Nurse of the Year Awards will continue, with each DNA establishing its own criteria and making its own selection. The DNA Nurses of the Year will be recognized at the Annual Conference.

Past Award Recipients 

Margie Ball-Cook Award
2022: Theresa Nino
2021: Jennifer Allen-Thomas
2020: Dr. Ruby Martinez
2019: Amanda Quintana
2018: Not awarded
2017: Margie Ball-Cook

Sara Jarrett Award
2022: Mary Kershner
2022: Mary Satre

2021: Judith Burke
2020: Dr. Colleen Casper
2019: Laura Mehringer
2018: CJ Cullinan
2017: Sara Jarrett

Carol O'Meara Award
2022: Laura Rosenthal
2021: Dr. Linda Stroup
2020: Not awarded
2019: Christine Schmidt
2018: Dr. Mary Ciambelli
2017: Carol O'Meara

CNA Leadership Award
2022: Shawn Elliott
2021: Dr. Laura Rosenthal
2020: Rebecca Sposato
2019: Donna Strickland
2018: Not awarded
2017: Terry Buxton

Emerging Leader Award
2022: Christina Winchester
2021: Jeanna Brewer
2020: Chelsea Collins
2019: Kyle Mullica
2018: Not awarded
2017: Adam Diese

DNA 16 Nurse of Year Award
2022: CJ Cullinan
2021: Shawn Elliott 
2020: Not awarded
2019: Nan Morgan
2018: CJ Cullinan
2017: Christine McDermott

DNA 20 Nurse of the Year Award
2022: Rita Beam
2021: Betsy Woolf
2020: Not awarded
2019: Linda Stroup
2018: Jean Schroeder
2017: Kathryn Wood