Board of Directors

All Board of Director Inquiries may be sent to "[email protected]".




Linda Stroup, 2019-2021, 1st term



President - Elect: Will be elected in 2020



Laura Rosenthal, 2018-2020, 1st term
Vice President




Nan Morgan, 2019-2021, 1st term


Carol O'Meara (appointed)





Brenda Tousley, 2019-2021, 1st term
Region 1 Director (DNA 8 & 9)






Rebecca Sposato, 2018-2020, 1st term
Region I Director






Shawn Elliott, 2019-2021, 1st term
Region 2 Director (DNA 3, 12, 16, 20, 23)




Amanda Clerkin, 2018-2020, 1st term
Region II Director





Mel Vinney, 2019-2021, 1st term
Region 3 Director (DNA 4)




Mary Ciambelli, 2018-2020, 2nd term
Region III Director





Charlotte Ledonne, 2019-2021, 1st term
Region 4 Director






Nora Flucke, 2019-2021, 1st term
Region 5 Director (DNA 7)





Ann Cox, 2019-2021, 1st term

Region 5 Director (DNA 5)






Jody DeStigter, 2018-2020, 2nd term
Director at Large






Karen Lyda, 1st term
Director at Large (SIG)





V. Sean Mitchell, 1st term
Director at Large (SIG)





Dylan Chodos, 2019-2021, 1st term
Director Recent Graduate





Mary M. Ciambelli
ANA Membership Representative




Jennifer Chrisman
ANA Membership Representative




Carol O'Meara
ANA Membership Representative (Alternate)



Colleen Casper
Executive Director