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The Orthopedic Surgery Center Hiring Event 8/25 (Paid Advertisement)

Join The Orthopedic Surgery Center in Westminster, Colorado for their Healthcare Hiring Event!

Come and join us for our hiring event on Thursday, August 25th from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. where you will have the chance to meet our team, tour our new, state-of-the-art facility and learn more about our Community Built On Care! We offer exceptional career potential with many growth opportunities and outstanding benefits.

Featured Roles:

  • RN Manager OR
  • RN Manager, PACU
  • PreOP RN
  • Patient Aide
  • Front Office
  • Scrub Tech
  • Radiology Tech
  • Lead Sterile Tech
  • Sterile Processing

Come to our Hiring Event held on August 25th and you may walk away with a job offer!

Thursday, August 25th, 2022
7 a.m. to 11 a.m.
4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
The Orthopedic Surgery Center
14190 Orchard Parkway
Westminster, CO 80023

Register today or contact Desirae with questions at [email protected]


What Are Your Special Interests and How Can CNA Help and Support You?

The CNA membership committee has come up with the following list of possible special interest groups (SIGs) that members may wish to participate in. Please take 30 seconds to complete a very quick survey letting us know what interests you have and would support. NOTE: You do not have to be practicing in any one these settings to participate in a SIG.

  • Clinical Nurse Specialists
    (Advance Practice Registered Nurses that are certified as a CNS or an RN or a student that is interested in the CNS role (common CNS roles: professional development, research, leadership, direct care).)
  • Emerging Nurse Leaders
    (Nurses that are considering advancing their career in different leadership opportunities.)
  • New Graduate
    (Recently graduated nurses who are in the first 3 years of their nursing career.)
  • Nurse Educators/Professional Development
    (Ensuring the delivery of quality care to citizens by fostering and advancing the professional and educational development of nurses to the end that all people may have better nursing care.)
  • Nurse Entrepreneurs
    (Nurses interested in opening a health-related business, currently supporting their own health-related business, healthcare consulting.)
  • Nursing Research
    (Nurses interested in all levels of healthcare-related research; health-related data collection that supports evidence-based practice and policy.)
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
    (Advance Practice Registered Nurse or RN interested in taking care of the pediatric population and their families in an acute or primary care setting.)
  • Public Health
    (Nurses interested in the practice of promoting and protecting the health of populations through education and treatment.)
  • Rural Nursing
    (Nurses who work in sparsely populated and underserved geographical locations, including support for the unique challenges of rural care.)
  • School Nurses
    (School nurses helping students to be healthy, safe, and ready to learn, including aspects of physical and mental health.)
  • Women's Health
    (For RNs and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who specialize in women's healthcare from adolescence through the lifespan in acute and outpatient settings.)
  • Workplace Advocacy
    (Nurses interested in improving the workplace environment including areas such as violence, safe staffing and risk management.)

If a group meets the minimum threshold of interested members, CNA will work to create that group. We need your input and your participation!


Colorado PDMP Training and Legislative Update Webinar
August 23, 2022

August 7, 2022

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Professions and Occupations (Division) invites you to a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Training and Legislative Update webinar. The webinar will include training and resources regarding registration and use of the Colorado PDMP and will discuss several statutory changes that take effect in 2022.

  • Who?  Prescribers, pharmacists, delegate PDMP users, and other stakeholders

  • What?  PDMP training and education session regarding PDMP registration requirements, use of the PDMP, delegate registration and use of the PDMP, and program updates due to recent legislation.

  • Where?  Virtual - register here

  • When? August 23, 2022; noon

  • Why?  Recent legislation made several statutory changes to the Colorado PDMP that take effect in 2022, including updates concerning delegate access and statutory requirements that prescribers query the PDMP before writing certain opioid and benzodiazepine prescriptions.

If you are unable to attend this webinar, a recording will be posted to the DORA PDMP Training webpage at

Legislative Updates

Colorado Senate Bill 22-027 and House Bill 22-1115 enact several statutory updates regarding the Colorado Prescription Drug Monitoring Program that take effect in 2022:

  • SB 22-027 clarifies that all DEA-licensed prescribers and all pharmacists licensed in Colorado are required to register and maintain a user account with the Colorado PDMP.

  • HB 22-1115 removes restrictions on the number of delegate users a DEA-licensed practitioner or pharmacist may authorize to query the PDMP on the prescriber’s or pharmacist’s behalf. This change takes effect August 9, 2022.  

  • SB 22-027 and HB 22-1115 clarify that each practitioner or the practitioner's delegate is required to query the PDMP prior to prescribing an opioid unless the patient receiving the prescription:

    • Is receiving the opioid in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, residential facility, or correctional facility;

    • Has been diagnosed with cancer and is experiencing cancer-related pain;

    • Is undergoing palliative care or hospice care;

    • Is experiencing post-surgical pain that, because of the nature of the procedure, is expected to last more than fourteen days;

    • Is receiving treatment during a natural disaster or during an incident where mass casualties have taken place; or

    • Has received only a single dose to relieve pain for a single test or procedure.

  • SB 22-027 and HB 22-1115 clarify that each practitioner or the practitioner's designee shall query the program before prescribing a benzodiazepine to a patient unless the benzodiazepine is prescribed to treat a patient:

    • In hospice;

    • To treat epilepsy, a seizure or seizure disorder, a suspected seizure disorder, spasticity, alcohol withdrawal, or a neurological condition, including a posttraumatic brain injury or catatonia.

PDMP Task Force Annual Report

SB 22-027 requires the PDMP Task Force to evaluate and make recommendations to the DORA Executive Director, after engaging in a stakeholder process, regarding balancing the PDMP as a health care tool with the enforcement of PDMP statutory requirements.

For the 2021-2022 PDMP Task Force Annual Report, the DORA Executive Director requested that the PDMP Task Force:

  • Evaluate the Effects of Allowing Law Enforcement Access to PDMP data without Requiring a Subpoena or Court Order

  • Evaluate Effectiveness of Unsolicited Reporting to Licensing Boards of Licensees’ Prescribing Activity

The PDMP Task Force submitted its Annual Report to the Colorado General Assembly on July 1, 2022.  The report can be found at:  In the “Statutory Cite” pick list, select 12-280-409(2) to find the 2021-2022 PDMP Task Force Annual Report.


CU Anschutz COAST-IT Program Is Back for a New Semester - Older Adults Are Needed to Participate

August 8, 2022

We are recruiting Older Adults to participate!

If you are an older adult and would like to be paired as a phone partner, this academic year, with a CU Anschutz Health Professions student (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dental or Nursing students) we would love to have you!  

The purpose of these weekly or bi-monthly phone calls is to build a social connection between CU Anschutz students and older adults to create an unique intergenerational learning opportunity. Older adults help students, hone their communication skills with their future older adult patients, and students help older adults build an inter-generational connection to help decrease social isolation.  

Program Information:

  • To learn more about the program criteria, please visit here
  • To read more about the COAST-IT opportunity and hear directly from a School of Dental Medicine Student about her COAST-IT experience,  please click here
  • To register for the program and get paired, this semester, with a CU Anschutz health profession student click here 

For professionals working with older adults please distribute and encourage your clients, patients and community members to participate.  

The semester begins soon, so please register by August 26, 2022.  

If you have additional quesitons, please email:

CU Anschutz Multidisicplinary Center on Aging

Joanna Fitzgibbons 


Jodi Waterhouse

Thank you for helping us spread the word and creating this unique inter-generational experience!


CNA Membership: Call for Board Nominees & Bylaws/Reference Proposals


2022 Colorado Nurses Association Call for Nominations
Election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on October 1, 2022

Serving as a volunteer member of the Colorado Nurses Association Board of Directors is an important and time-consuming effort for the individuals who choose to run for these membership representative positions. Elections are held annually for a two-year term and rotate in such a manner that one-half of the Board of Directors rotate every year unless one chooses to run for two consecutive terms. The President is a three-year term, the first year serving as a President-Elect to support leadership succession of the Association. Please review the CNA bylaws for more specific information.

A volunteer role as a member of the CNA Board has two primary aspects: fiduciary and supportive. Your fiduciary obligation is to balance the financial sustainability of the association and maximize member services. Your supportive role is to help make CNA work for our members and to assist in achieving our mission and strategic plan.


Call for Bylaws & Reference Proposals

The CNA Membership Assembly Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2022. Bylaws Amendment Proposals must be in the hands of the Secretary two months prior to the meeting. Please send your suggestions for bylaws amendments by August 15, 2022.

Reference Proposals are also welcomed for discussion at the Membership Assembly. We would also like to receive these by August 15, 2022.

A sample proposal can be sent on request, or the Bylaws and Reference Committee can help you format your ideas. If you have further questions please contact us at [email protected] or 720.457.1194.  



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