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Governor Polis Update COVID-19 May 22, 2020 Key Testing Updates

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Topline Update

We currently have 23,191 cases, 1,310 total deaths (1,062 are deaths due to COVID), and 4,037 hospitalizations out of 139,937 completed tests. We are thinking of these families and communities during these trying times.

This case data is broken down by various categories, is updated daily and can be found here. 

Pepsi Center Testing Facility

Yesterday, Governor Polis joined Denver Mayor Hancock to announce the opening of a new COVID testing facility at the Pepsi Center.

This site will be running 7 days a week, doing 500 tests a day, which will get us closer to our statewide goal of 8,500 tests per day.

All of the testing is being done free of charge for all symptomatic individuals and asymptomatic individuals who are health care workers, senior care facility workers, or frontline workers who interact with the public. Coloradans are not required to have a doctor’s note or insurance to get tested.

If you are experiencing symptoms and would like to be tested you can go to the Pepsi Center or you can also find a community-based testing site in your area using this map on our COVID-19 homepage.

Colorado State University Testing Announcement

The Governor also announced a partnership between the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Colorado State University for eight consecutive weeks of testing at up to 30 of Colorado’s skilled nursing facilities.

We know that reducing the spread of illness is critical in high-density, group-living settings, like nursing homes and assisted living facilities that are particularly vulnerable. The tests will provide an early warning system for public health officials and managers at long-term care facilities to help prevent outbreaks, monitor the risk of exposure for residents, and help recovered workers return to work. 

Safer-at-Home and Memorial Day Weekend

Testing is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to being successful in the Safer-at-Home era. We still need to stay home whenever we can. We still need older Coloradans and those with underlying health conditions to stay at home except when absolutely necessary. And we still need to maintain distancing andl wear masks or face coverings when we’re out to reduce the spread of the virus.

A new study found that wearing a mask can reduce the likelihood of transmission by 75%. So please, protect yourself and others by wearing a mask. If we do all of these things and meet our testing goals, I am confident that we will be successful in this new phase and we will be able to relax even more restrictions on our economy and society.

As we know, this Memorial Day will not be like others we’ve experienced. This Memorial Day will be in the middle of a global pandemic, and that means things will look a bit different.

It means that as much as it pains us, we’ll have to keep our physical distance from others, including loved ones, and especially older family members and friends. It means we’ll be wearing masks to protect ourselves and others. It means we won’t be going to backyard BBQs, pool parties, concerts, big social gathering, or other risky activities that could spread coronavirus.

Instead, let’s spend this Memorial Day weekend remembering the reason why we have a long weekend in the first place. Let’s take some quiet time to honor those brave men and women who have given their lives to protect ours. Let’s pay our respects to that ultimate sacrifice by continuing to take the necessary precautions needed to safeguard the lives of our fellow Americans. Let’s count our blessings as Americans, and reflect on those who protect those blessings. And along with thinking of our brave men and women in uniform, let’s spend some time reflecting on those we’ve lost in this crisis and the heroes on the frontlines who are keeping us safe right now, from the men and women of the Colorado National Guard, to our nurses and doctors and frontline employees, the everyday heroes that are going above and beyond the call of duty to respond to one of the most challenging times in our nation’s history.

What better way to honor their sacrifice than by doing our part as Coloradans to practice proper hygiene and distancing measures so we can keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.


Colorado Nurses Association Call to Action Colorado Nurse Practice Act

May 20, 2020

The Colorado Nurse Practice Act, HB20-1216, will be introduced to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee the week of May 26, 2020.

We have an opportunity to reach out to Senate Health and Human Services Committee members  and request their support for HB20-1216.

Please take a moment to complete the Call to Action - Colorado Nurse Practice Act.

Thank you.


ANA Updating Survey on PPE

May 18, 2020

In March, ANA heard from 32,000 nurses surveyed that PPE was in extremely short supply. So much has happened since then!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the American Nurses Association (ANA) wants to understand nurses' access to and usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) right now.  It is critical that we hear from you on the PPE situation you are experiencing in May.

Please take a few minutes to complete this PPE survey.  Answer the questions describing the situation you faced in the last two weeks. 

Click here to take the PPE Survey.

Thank you.

Debbie Dawson Hatmaker, PhD, RN, FAAN

Chief Nursing Officer | EVP


Colorado Nurses Assocation Advocates for Action : COVID-19

May 12, 2020

We need to hear from you.

As providers are eager to expand elective, non-emergent health care services, we want to be sure that front line workers continue to have the resources necessary to provide for safe and quality care for patients, while maintaining personal safety as well.

Please take a moment and complete the following survey designed to inform Colorado Nurses Association leadership of what is working and what needs work to continue to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Colorado Nurses Association Advocates for Action : COVID-19

Thank you.


Governor Polis COVID-19 Updates May 11, 2020 

Quick Links to Stay Up to Date

Topline Update

We currently have 19,879 cases, 987 deaths, and 3,663 hospitalizations out of 106,761 completed tests. We are thinking of these families and communities during these trying times.

This case data is broken down by various categories, is updated daily and can be found here. 

As of yesterday, the daily growth rate is down to 0.9%. This is the first time the daily growth rate in cases has been below 1% growth. Daily hospitalizations are back down to 0.1% growth. We also hit a daily testing record last week of 4,500 tests in one day. We will be continuing to grow our testing capacity, materials, and sites in the weeks and months ahead to meet this challenge.

Governor to Meet with the President

The Governor will travel to Washington on Wednesday for a meeting with the President to discuss additional resources for Colorado’s recovery and response efforts.

*UPDATE* COVID Health Equity Task Force

We know that this virus is disproportionately impacting communities of color and we want to hear directly from all Coloradans so we can have an informed public policy response that meets the needs of everyone.

So please click here to fill out the survey regarding your top concerns related to COVID-19 and racial disparities. Your responses will remain anonymous and will help inform the work of the team from a community perspective.

C&C Coffee and Kitchen in Castle Rock

Over the weekend, Coloradans were shocked by videos on social media of the C&C Coffee and Kitchen illegally operating in violation of public health orders. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment believes that C&C Coffee and Kitchen in Castle Rock is causing an imminent health hazard. As such, CDPHE is using their authority under the Colorado Food Protection Act to take action to suspend the license of the business indefinitely until it can be established that there is no longer a threat to public health. In addition, Tri-County Health is also working on enforcement actions and the state is supportive of those efforts.

The Governor expressed his extreme disappointment regarding businesses disobeying the law, subjecting themselves to legal penalties or even worse -- the illness and death of employees and patrons. The Governor reiterated that he will do what is necessary to protect public health and preserve the rule of law. The Governor calls on all Coloradans and all businesses in our state to do their part, exercise caution, and follow the law.

State Campgrounds to reopen May 12

Starting tomorrow, May 12, camping can resume in state park campgrounds, unless the host county objects. Camping must be done with observance of social distance and sanitation guidelines, and accept campers by reservation only. 

Visit to make a reservation, or go to for additional important information on the reopening of state park campgrounds.

For now, we are still urging Coloradans to recreate locally. For camping, be sure to pick up fuel and supplies in your home area -- please do not overwhelm stores close to recreation areas. These areas have limited health care capacity and the consequences of an outbreak could be severe. 

Timeline for Decision-making

Today, the Governor shared the timeline for deciding if we can further relax restrictions on our economy and society. 

The state takes into consideration a number of factors in this decision-making process, including:

  • What level of suppression of the virus have we been able to achieve?

  • What is our ability to do testing and containment?

  • Will this decision put vulnerable populations at significantly greater risk?

  • Does our health care system have the capacity to handle a surge?

  • What’s the level of risk vs. societal / economic / psychological reward? 

  • Is the policy sustainable?

And finally, we need the ability to continue to monitor and evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

To be clear these dates are not potential opening days. These are the days when we believe we will have enough data to make a decision. We simply need more time to collect data on how Coloradans are behaving during the Safer-at-Home phase.

After the decision is made if there is a safe way to partially loosen the restrictions, the Governor will announce when the following activities could take effect. 

  • SKIING: On May 25, we will decide whether ski resorts can be open for Spring skiing at the end of May, only of course if the host county wants them open.

  • RESTAURANTS: On May 25, we will decide if we can begin phasing in restaurants and at what level. We are working hard with stakeholders to explore how to keep both employees and customers as safe as possible.

  • SUMMER RESIDENCY / DAY CAMPS: On May 25, we will also decide whether we can open summer residential and day camps in June, and if so, under what conditions. I know kids and parents are eagerly awaiting a decision on that.

  • After June 1, we will modify the Safer at Home order further to phase in other things like summer activities and public spaces like libraries. I will make these decisions on a rolling basis, based on the latest data and evidence, but just like in we tried to give an accurate picture for May towards the end of April, we will try to give an accurate picture for what June looks like so people can plan accordingly by the end of May.

None of us can know in advance what the actual decisions will be, because that will depend on what the data is telling us about how peoples’ behaviors. If we are doing a good job keeping our distance, staying at home, wearing masks or facial coverings when we go out, then it will show up in the data, and we will have more flexibility to remove additional restrictions on our economy. On the flipside, if folks aren’t following the Safer at Home order, it will show up in the data, the rate of spread and hospitalizations will begin to tick up, and we may need to hold off or go in the opposite direction. Let’s continue to take this seriously.

Partnership for At-Home Literacy

A strong literacy foundation is important for making sure that every child in our state gets a great education. The COVID-19 crisis has made it challenging for many of our Colorado kids to receive the education that they need because many don't have access to the internet or a laptop. We cannot let the COVID-19 crisis get in the way of our youngest learners acquiring the skills they need to be successful in school and in life. 

That’s why we are so excited to be announcing a partnership between Rocky Mountain PBS, The Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado Education Association, Gary Community Investments, and the Colorado Education Initiative, called Colorado Classroom: Learning at Home! Programming will start a week from today, next Monday, May 18th, at 8 am. 

Every Monday through Friday for the next five weeks, Rocky Mountain PBS will provide 2 hours of standards-aligned K through 3 literacy and English language development lessons by master teachers to students across the state - from the Eastern plains to the Western slope - on Rocky Mountain PBS’s station. Rocky Mountain PBS services at least 98% of Colorado’s households with high-quality programming at no additional cost to families. 

This partnership will help bring high-quality, standards-aligned programming in both literacy, and English language development, to help ensure every child has a strong foundation. 

This initiative will feature eight amazing Colorado teachers from across the state who will be designing exciting, interactive and fun lessons for all students with a focus on language development. 

Click Here to view a a short video example of the programming

I want to thank the Colorado Education Association for generously providing the funding for educator stipends to our excellent master teachers for their time and expertise. I want to also thank Rocky Mountain PBS and all of our partners for all of their work to support Colorado Classroom: Learning at Home, and hope you will all tune in! 

Furthermore, I want to thank One Book Colorado, run by Serve Colorado - The Governor’s Commission on Community Service, for featuring archived One Book videos featuring beloved Colorado sports figures and other celebrities.

If you want more information on educational materials, resources for kids, and other free resources during the COVID crisis please visit

Aerial Parade / Fundraiser

On Thursday, a group of local aviators will donate their time and resources to raise money and awareness for the Help Colorado Now relief fund through a Flyover Fundraising Parade and Aerial Salute to essential workers.

 With a generous $500,000 challenge match from Lockheed Martin, a major employer in Colorado, the aerial event hopes to inspire donations and challenge other individuals and corporations to come together as we continue to support those most impacted by COVID-19. This aerial parade of more than 30 aircraft is scheduled to take flight Thursday, May 14, 2020 from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. in the skies above the Denver Metro Area. 

Organizers encourage people to watch from their homes and not to gather in public areas. And, of course, always follow social distancing public health guidelines.

The squadron of planes will take off from Rocky Mountain Metro Airport in Broomfield and loop the Denver Metro Area Front Range, from Longmont to Castle Rock, as both a salute to essential workers and a fundraising awareness platform for the Colorado COVID Relief Fund.  All donations made to the fund will support Colorado communities impacted by COVID-19.  Hosted by Mile High United Way, the Colorado COVID Relief Fund is part of the State’s Help Colorado Now initiative.  Donations can be made at

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