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2018-2019 CDPHE Assessment and Planning

October 1, 2018

Talk to us, Colorado. 

Take the poll.

Every five years, CDPHE gathers information to figure out how Colorado is doing on the health and environment front. We talk to local governments, nonprofit organizations, faith communities and businesses regarding a ton of things like suicide, obesity and air pollution. We use the information we gather to identify our priorities for the next five years. Maybe it's looking for solutions for affordable housing. Maybe it's figuring out how to improve access to public transportation. Maybe it's finding ways to get folks the mental health support they need. Whatever our focus is, we want to make sure you help us shape it. 

That is why you might notice us pounding the pavement and talking with Colorado residents. The more folks we talk to, the better able we are to help. So please take our brief poll so we can find out what concerns you, what you like best about living here and what support your community needs. 

For further info:

2018-2019 Assessment and Planning Homepage

If you have questions about the 2018-2019 Colorado Health and Environmental Assessment and Planning, please contact the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment staff below. 

Cristina Bejarano
[email protected]

Anne-Marie Braga
[email protected]

CDPHE Dialysis Infection Prevention Using CDC's Core Interventions

October 1, 2018

Patients who undergo dialysis treatment have an increased risk for getting an infection. Hemodialysis patients are at a high risk for infection because the process of hemodialysis requires frequent use of catheters or insertion of needles to access the bloodstream. Hemodialysis patients have weakened immune systems, which increase their risk for infection, and they require frequent hospitalizations and surgery where they might acquire an infection.

The Making Dialysis Safer for Patients Coalition is a partnership of organizations and individuals that have joined forces with the common goal of promoting the use of Centers Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) core interventions and resources to prevent dialysis bloodstream infections. Launched in September 2016, the Coalition's goals are to:

- Facilitate implementation and adoption of core interventions through promotion, dissemination, and use of audit tools, checklists, and other resources  
- Increase awareness about the core interventions for dialysis bloodstream infection prevention through educational efforts 
- Share experiences and findings through collaboration with other Coalition participants 
These Core Interventions have been proven to reduce dialysis bloodstream infections (BSIs), visit: 

The audit tools and checklists below are intended to promote CDC-recommended practices for infection prevention in hemodialysis facilities. Individuals when assessing staff practices can use the audit tools and checklists. The audit tools can be used to help guide facility staff practices. Apply the CDC Core Interventions when using the audit tools and checklists by visiting:

If you have an upcoming training or would like a guest speaker to present on Infection Prevention in Dialysis Centers, CDC and Making Dialysis Safer resources and tools, or to discuss how we can work together in our common goal to reduce blood stream infections, please contact Sara Avalos (303) 691-7840 or  [email protected] Dialysis Infection Preventionist at CDPHE. 


Colorado Nurses Association 2018 Annual Awards

The following CNA members were honored at the Membership Assembly on September 15, 2018.

CJ Cullinan, MS, RN was the recipient of the DNA 16 Nurse of the Year Award

 DNA 20 honored Jean Schroeder, PhD, MSN, RN as their Nurse of the Year

The 2018 Carol O’Meara Award for Sustained Contributions to CNA was presented to Dr. Mary Ciambelli

 The Sara Jarrett Award for Contributions to Nursing Practice and Health Policy through Political and Legislative Activity was awarded to CJ Cullinan.


2018 Colorado Nurses Association Election Results

President – Elect Linda Stroup DNA 20 

Vice President – Laura Rosenthal SIG 30

Treasurer – Sarah Baca DNA 3

Region I Director – Rebecca Sposato DNA 16

Region II Director – Amanda Clerkin DNA 4

Region III – Mary Ciambelli SIG 31

Director At Large – Jody DeStigter DNA 9



DNA 16 invites you to a special presentation

Date: Tuesday, October 9
Time: 6 - 8pm
Location: Heartlight Center 11150 E. Dartmouth Ave, Denver CO 80014

RSVP here, if you have any questions email [email protected] or call 720.457.1194

Liberating unmourned loss and unforgiven guilt/shame

1.5 CEU - Opus Peace Soul Injury - Video and Discussion
Supper will be provided by DNA 16
Suggested donations: $5 for CNA members and $10 for non-members

This event is cohosted by:

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