Submission of Articles to the Colorado Nurse

The CNF and CNA Board of Directors would like to invite nurses to submit articles and information relative to the profession and environment in which nurses practice. The editor of the Colorado Nurse will review all submissions. Placement of the submission into the Colorado Nurse is dependent on the content of the article as well as available space. Not all article submissions will appear in the publication.

To submit an article to the Colorado Nurse please fill out the online form here. Submissions should be an attachment in Word format, 12 font, Times New Roman. Please include you name, credentials, organization, and desired byline for publication. If pictures are to be included, please send the picture as a separate attachment in addition to the article. Include a placeholder for the picture within the actual article that identifies the picture.

Submission Dates
Articles received by the submission date will be considered for the next publication:

  • February issue: December 15 deadline
  • May issue: March 15 deadline
  • August issue: June 15 deadline
  • November issue: September 15 deadline