Updates to Sunset Review Process November 2019

The Colorado Professional Nursing Association Coalition is a group of 30 plus representatives of Colorado based Professional Nursing Associations who have come together to align the priorities for proposed statutory language for the Colorado Nurse Practice Act.  The group has been meeting monthly since July 2018.

Thorough work group reports have been submitted and discussed with the COPRRR staff of DORA.  The primary content of the Sunset recommendations is intended to modernize the Colorado Nurse Practice Act and included:

1)    APRN roles;

2)    Definition of nursing and capacity to delegate patient care;

3)    Pre-licensure Educational program oversight;

4)    LPN Scope of Practice and specifically assessment competency;

5)    Parameters for confidential treatment related to physical and mental health.

DORA issued their 2019 Sunset Review Report in October of 2019. (linked here)

Additionally, DORA issued a 2019 Sunset Review Report regarding NPATCH (Nurse Physician Advisory Taskforce for Colorado Healthcare).

The report is delivered to the 2020 Legislature who will commence bill writing based on the recommendations of COPRRR.  CNA  will work closely with the 2020 Legislature in any legislative effort to change the Colorado Nurse Practice Act.

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