Updates to Sunset Review Process December 4, 2018

 The Colorado Professional Nursing Association Coalition is a group of 30 plus representatives of Colorado based Professional Nursing Associations who have come together to align the priorities for proposed statutory language for the Colorado Nurse Practice Act.  The group has been meeting monthly since July 2018.

Colorado Nurses Association (CNA) President Donna Strickland is serving as facilitator of the Coalition group and Colleen Casper; Executive Director of CNA is serving as staff support to the process.  CNA Government Affairs & Public Policy is also involved in a simultaneous process of identifying priorities for statutory language of the Colorado Nurse Practice Act.  There is significant overlap between the two groups in terms of individuals who are members of both groups.

 There are currently 5 Work Groups consisting of close to 200 RN volunteers from the nursing community at large to assist in the statutory language review.  The Work Groups are also researching best practices and/or evidence to suggest changes to the Colorado Nurse Practice Act.  The 5 Work Groups are:
1)    APRN Sunset Review Work Group;

2)    Delegation Sunset Review Work Group;

3)    Education Related Sunset Review Work Group;

4)    LPN Scope of Practice Sunset Review Work Group; and,

5)    Peer Health Assistance Services Sunset Review Work Group.

Each Work Group has presented to the Coalition their priority recommendations for the Colorado Nurse Practice Act Sunset Review, in collaboration with the CNA GAPP Committee. Both groups next step is to finalize recommendations and action steps. Once finalized, talking points will be developed and distributed broadly to the Colorado Nursing Community as well as to all broader stakeholder groups who have interest in the practice of nursing in Colorado.  We anticipate a February 2019 deadline for finalization of priorities and recommendations to be presented to the Colorado Office of Policy Research and Regulatory Reform (COPRRR).

COPRRR conducts the audit of the State Board of Nursing and the Nurse Practice Act on behalf of the Department of Regulatory Affairs and reports their results to the Colorado Legislature.

COPRRR closes stakeholder input in May of 2019. Our intention is to share the aligned priorities from the Coalition, Work Groups and CNA GAPP Committee in written detail to COPRRR.  COPRRR will compile their findings and provide recommendations to Legislators in October of 2019.   The 2020 Legislature will act on the recommendations of COPRRR.  CNA and the Coalition will work closely with the 2020 Legislature in any legislative effort to change the Colorado Nurse Practice Act.