2018 CNA Call for Nominations & Elections Deadline August 6, 2018

Call for Colorado Nurses Association Board of Director Nominations

Notice of Annual Meeting September 15, 2018

Voluntary action on behalf of the common good is the inherited legacy of every American....”                         

Katherine Tyler Scott, in Creating Caring & Capable Boards

Serving as a volunteer member of the Colorado Nurses Association Board of Directors is an important and time-consuming effort of the individuals who choose to run for these membership representative positions.  Elections are held annually for a two-year term and rotate in such a manner that one-half of the Board of Directors rotate every year, unless one chooses to run for two consecutive terms.  The President is a three-year term, the first year serving as a President-Elect to support leadership succession of the Association.  Please review the CNA bylaws for more specific information.

Your volunteer role as a member of the CNA Board has two primary aspects: fiduciary and supportive.  Your fiduciary obligation is to balance the financial sustainability of the association and maximize member services.  Your supportive role is to help make CNA work for our members and to assist in achieving our mission and strategic plan.

The 2-year term positions open for election at the 2018 Annual Membership Assembly (Meeting) include:

            President-Elect (3 year term)

            Vice President


            Regional Directors (I, II, & III)

            Director At Large

            Nominating Committee (able to serve multiple consecutive terms)

To Review Bylaws, please click here.

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