Affiliate Membership

An organizational affiliate of CNA is an association that:

  1. Is a nursing or health related organization that has a mission and purpose harmonious with CNA, has a governing body composed of a majority of registered nurses, and who meets criteria established by the CNA Board of Directors;
  2. Has been granted organizational affiliate status by the CNA Board of Directors;
  3. Has paid the organizational affiliate fee to CNA.
  4. Maintains a mission and purpose harmonious with the purpose and functions of CNA.
  5. Has an identified organizational affiliate association leader (volunteer or paid) who will serve as a liaison between CNA and Association members. 


Each organizational affiliate shall be entitled to:

  1. One registered nurse representative who shall have a vote in the CNA Membership Assembly;
  2. Make reports or presentations to the CNA Membership Assembly within its area of expertise;
  3. Submit the names of representatives qualified for consideration of appointment to ad hoc groups and task forces.
  4. Logo of the organizational affiliate and link to their web site on the CNA website (please provide organizational logo).
  5. Upon request CNA may seek organizational affiliate members to testify on specific CNA, legislative or regulatory committees and based on content expertise.
  6. Organizational affiliate members are not able to speak independently on behalf of CNA.
  7. Member discounts to CNA events.
  8. Participation in planned Organizational Affiliate Organizations meeting annually.
  9. Provide content for Colorado Nurse Quarterly publication according to quarterly deadlines available on CNA website. 

Procedure to become an CNA Organizational Affiliate

Organizational Affiliate’s Responsibilities

  1. Via Colorado Nurses Association website here, submit a request for organizational affiliate membership with payment and receive approval from CNA’s Board of Directors.
  2. Identify key Association/Organizational leader to serve as the singlecontact and liaison as the representative to the CPNAC with CNA.
  3. One individual member of the organizational affiliate will become a ANA/CNA member.
  4. Keep CNA informed about current contact person and updates relating to billing address, contact numbers, logos, and web addresses.
  5. Each organizational affiliate shall maintain a mission and purpose harmonious with the purposes and functions of CNA.

CNA’s Responsibilities

  1. Assure communications via liaisons via CPNAC meeting portals, including meeting announcements, follow up actions, and specific policy and regulatory priorities.
  2. Timely responsiveness to requests from organizational affiliates official contact
person by designated Board Member.
  3. Collect and disseminate information from organizational affiliates.
  4. Inform organizational affiliate liaison about changes in CNA’s key contact person for requests and other communication.
  5. Being a member of an affiliate organization does not grant members access to full CNA member benefits or services.

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