Board of Directors

All Board of Director Inquiries may be sent to [email protected]

Mary Satre
President & Chair

Laura Rosenthal
Immediate Past-President

Carol O'Meara
Vice President 


Melissa Tullis

Angela Mills


Pat Samples

Region 1 Director

Christina Winchester

Region 2 Director

Mel Viney

Region 3 Director

Glenda Jackson

Region 4 Director

Christy Deems

Region 5 Director

Debra Bailey

Region 6 Director

Linda Kottman
SIG Director

Donna Strickland
SIG Director


Colorado Nurses Association Nominating Committee

  • JoAnn Crownover
  • Jean Schroeder
  • Kimberly Kassab
  • Miranda Squire
  • Eve Hoygaard
  • Laura Rosenthal

ANA Membership Assembly Voting Representatives from Colorado Nurses Association were elected in 2023 and serve a 2-year term:

  • Laura Rosenthal
  • Mavis Mesi
  • Carol OMeara, Alternate
  • Michelle Graves, Alternate


CNA Expense Reimbursement Request Form

CNA Staff

Colleen Casper, RN, MS, DNP
Executive Director

Jane Nelson
Director of Nursing Clients

Chelsea Hufnagel
Finance Manager

Janna Ruedisale

Membership & Event Specialist

Mariam Robinson

Director of Membership
Engagement and Advocacy

Valerie Sobczak

Event Manager

Ben Jamerson
Marketing Specialist

Allison Sempsrott

Graphic Designer and
Website Specialist
 Nan Morgan
Program Director 


For questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]