Connect to Members

Tools to connect with members:

  • Member Directory The member directory lists every member in the state, alphabetical by last name. This list includes name, email address, phone number, district and SIG membership (if applicable)

  • Member Search If you want to search for a member, or group of members, use this tool! You may search by first name, last name, district or SIG.

  • Community Forum (accessible on the CNA website)
    Whether you want to share information with all CNA members across the state, or just those in your Region/District, this tool is for you! Once on the Community Forum page, select one of the forums that is the appropriate audience for your message:
    • Districts & SIGS
    • Discussion Forum
    • Gov't Affairs & Policy Online Discussion Forum
Select "New Topic", type your message and hit "Submit"! Your message will be sent in an email to your audience and will also reside in the Community Forum listing on the website. If someone responds to your message, you will also receive an email in your inbox!

Here is a short video on how to use the Community Forum.