Approved Provider Application & Forms

Approved Provider Definition:

An approved provider may be an individual, institution, organization or agency responsible for the development, implementation, evaluation, financing, record keeping and quality of Nursing Continuing Professional Development (NCPD) activities. Rather than submit an application for a single event, you submit an application to become a provider of nursing continuing professional development. An approved provider is authorized to award contact hours for NCPD activities for their organization through adherence to ANCC standards. Examples of provider include:

  • C/SNA of ANA
  • University or Community College
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Professional Association
  • Educational Groups

A commercial interest organization, one that produces, markets, sells or distributes health care goods or services consumed by or used on patients, cannot be an Approved Provider. An approved provider may award contact hours for an unlimited number of educational activities during its three-year approval period. An approved provider may NOT approve NCPD activities for other entities.  

The Approved Provider Process Manual outlines the steps of becoming an approved provider of nursing continuing professional development.

The first step in the process is to submit the Online Eligibility Form.

Once the CNA Accredited Approver Unit has reviewed your eligibility, we will notify you that you may proceed with the approval application process. If there are any questions about your eligibility, you may be asked to submit further information for review.

Approved Provider Application & Resources (all applications MUST be submitted online) 

Step 1: Review the Approved Provider Process Manual and/or view the video, Navigating the Approved Provider Application, which is posted at the bottom of this page

Step 2: Submit the Online Eligibility Form

Step 3: Review the paper form and consider completion of the Approved Provider Application in the word document before completing the online version (step 5 below).  You may then cut and paste content to online form

Step 4: Make sure you have completed 3 Individual Activities that meet the Activity File Requirements to be included in your Application/Self-Study

Step 5: Complete the Approved Provider Application Online Form and Payment 

Please use these documents as resources for a successful application/self-study submission


Applications will not be reviewed until application fee is received.

Eligibility to apply criteria must be met prior to submitting your self-study. If questions, please contact CNA at 720-457-1194.

The self-study fee is based on your organizational characteristics:

  • Single Facility Provider self-study Application = $2,000.00
  • System Provider self-study Application = $3,000.00
  • Multi-System (6 or more Facilities) self-study Application = $4,800.00

All fees must be submitted to CNA with Approved Provider self-study Documentation forms. 

Your self-study will not be reviewed until all fees are submitted.

The fees are related to the costs of conducting a nurse peer review of the ANCC Approved Provider criteria and does not guarantee approval of the self-study.

Print fee schedule.

Video: Navigating the Approved Provider Application 


Please contact [email protected] or call 720.457.1194.

Colorado Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.