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Integrated behavioral health training for care teams

March 31, 2019

Primary care teams interested in learning more about integrating behavioral and physical health can take advantage of free e-learning modules funded by SIM. The two newest modules (Men and Depression, and Obesity and Depression) are now available on the e-learning online platform. Register for a free account using the registration code "SIM" and find out how these modules can help your care team integrate physical and behavioral health. Click here for a flier with more information about the available


State Board of Health Rulemaking April 17, 2019 10 AM

March 27, 2019

The hearing will be held at: 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Sabin-Cleere Conference Room, Denver CO 80246.

 CORRECTION - Substantial revisions to rule

The purpose of this rulemaking is: 

The previous public notice incorrectly reported that this rule was to be published in the Colorado Register on April 10. In fact, the rule was published in the Colorado Register on March 10. 
The intent of the proposed amendments is to update the list of reportable conditions to better allow the Department to respond to emerging issues, including new or changing communicable diseases; and align this rule with current practice, including advances in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of communicable diseases.

If you believe there will be a significant negative impact on small business, job creation or economic competitiveness, you may request that the Department of Regulatory Agencies require the rulemaking agency to prepare a cost-benefit analysis of a proposed rule or amendment. This request must be made to the Department of Regulatory Agencies by Friday, March 15th, 2019.

You may also submit comments directly to the rulemaking agency for the agency's consideration during the upcoming rulemaking hearing.


GAPP Meeting Cancelled March 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

Due to inclement weather GAPP meeting is cancelled for March 13, 2019.


Share Your Comments on ANA's Proposed Position Statement on Aid in Dying

March 7, 2019

The ANA Center for Ethics and Human Rights Advisory Board seeks public comment on the proposed position statement, The Nurse's Role When a Patient Requests Aid in Dying. The deadline for comments is April 8. 

Please use this opportunity to contribute to ANA's focus on transparency and recognition of the important insights of public examination of its products. Please share this announcement with colleagues, students, health care consumers, and other stakeholders.


New Legislation Would Forbid License Suspension Due to Student Loan Default

March 7, 2019

Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) reintroduced the Protecting JOBs Act (S. 609) on Feb. 28. Under the bill, any state that receives federal funding through the Higher Education Act would be barred from denying, suspending, or revoking an occupational license or a driver's license solely because a borrower defaulted on their federal student loans.

Although several states have rescinded laws that call for seizing or suspending licenses, barriers remain for some license holders. As of 2018, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) reports at least eight states—Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Texas—maintain laws requiring all occupational boards to revoke licenses for defaulting on any type of federal or state education loan. An additional five states—Arkansas, California, Mississippi, Minnesota, and Florida—revoke only the licenses of health care professionals for defaulting on education loans. In Arkansas and Mississippi, the laws apply only to state health care education loans and scholarship agreements.

Read more on ANA's Capitol Beat blog

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