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ANA Call for Nominations Committee Appointments

May 11, 2020

The ANA Committee on Appointments has launched the 2020 Call for Nominations for Appointed Positions, which is open until 5:00pm ET, Monday, June 29, 2020 

C/SNA and IMD leaders are especially encouraged to promote the Call to their members and consider nominating fellow members and colleagues for consideration.  

For more information about the ANA appointments process, please refer to the Committee on Appointments page on If you have any questions, feel free to contact Governance & Planning staff at [email protected].


ANA Call to Action : Congressional Support for Essential Health Care Providers

Tell your member of Congress to provide mental health services and hazard pay to essential health care providers who remain on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic – risking exposure and stress to themselves and their loved ones!

This call to action launched Thursday, May 7 and as of Friday, May 8, the call to action has already seen 5,660 advocates send 17,400 letters to Congress.


Colorado Nurses Association Vice President Laura Rosenthal, DNP, ACNP Nurse's Day Comments

National Nurses Day

Today is National Nurses Day -- a day to thank and honor the medical heroes that are on the front lines of this crisis saving lives every single day.

Our Safer at Home guidance -- which still requires a high level of social distancing and mask-wearing -- is designed to protect our health care facilities, equipment, and most importantly -- our health care workers. Your continued compliance with these public health orders is essential if we want this phase to be successful.

Today at Governor Polis’s media briefing, Colorado Nurse Practitioner Laura Rosenthal talked about what she has been seeing on the front lines, and urged Coloradans to stay home and adhere to the Safer at Home guidelines.

Here are her remarks in full: 

My name is Laura Rosenthal. I am the Vice President of the Colorado Nurses Association and a Nurse Practitioner taking care of hospitalized patients with COVID-19.  I am here today to share with you the reality of what myself and thousands of other health care practitioners are experiencing here in Colorado. Not in New York, not in China, but here in our own backyard. I am also here today on National Nurses Day to ask you, actually plead, that you stay at home as much as possible and follow Colorado’s Safer at Home implementation. 

COVID-19 is unlike anything I have ever seen in my 20 years as an experienced nurse. It is not an old people disease, nor a sick person disease. and although these populations are more susceptible to COVID-19, it affects ALL people. In the past six weeks, I  have treated patients as young as 25 and as old as 99.  I treated a previously healthy 32-year-old male in the intensive care unit struggling to breathe. Pregnant women, fathers of young children, and entire families, all hospitalized and ill. A husband who had never spent a night away from his wife and was now battling life and death on his own in the ICU, because when you are admitted into a hospital with COVID, you can’t bring anybody with you. --I will never forget talking to his wife on the phone and enduring the difficulty of when she said, “I know you can’t promise me that he will come home.” It is hard to fathom the consequences of the virus until you have seen it in someone acutely ill. 

I know it is easy to believe COVID will not affect you. But it already has.  It has affected all of us in Colorado. 

And although you may hear Governor Polis talk about declining numbers, we need to remember it’s effect.  We have seen a decrease in cases, which is the result of a successful stay at home order.  It is because people observed the rules regarding social distancing and did their part by wearing facial coverings. As a result  this has allowed the State of Colorado to slowly open its doors in an attempt to return to what was once normal.  But, just because things seem to be going in the right direction we must not forget the intense fear we experienced over the past 6 weeks. 

As the weather warms and we transition to the Safer at Home phase, now is the most crucial time for continued diligence. There is a natural need to socialize and work. And I, like many others, feel the stress of remaining at home.  It is difficult mentally and physically. It is frustrating on a daily basis. We want to be out there enjoying all the amazing things Colorado has to offer.  But please take caution and do it slowly and with great precaution. Remember that 30%-50% of people may continue to shed virus and not have any symptoms.  Many are positive and do not have a cough or fever.  There is still the potential for rapid increase in disease spread if we are not alert to our surroundings.

I ask for your continued commitment to stay at home as much as possible and to follow the Safer at Home phase through by using  face coverings when out in public, continued physical distancing, and not gathering in public.  There will eventually be a time when we can do this again, but we are not quite ready now.  Nurses are out there fighting to protect you, and please do your part. During year 2020, the year of the Nurse, and today on National Nurses Day, your support of the nursing profession does not go unnoticed.  Thank you.


Governor Polis COVID-19 Updates May 6, 2020 Nurses Day

Quick Links to Stay Up to Date

Topline Update

We currently have 17,830 cases, 921 deaths, and 2,986 hospitalizations out of 89,529 completed tests. We are thinking of these families and communities during these trying times.

This case data is broken down by various categories, is updated daily and can be found here.  

The daily growth in cases has ticked up slightly. As of yesterday, the growth rate is up to 2%. As we do more and more testing, we are reporting on a higher percentage of the cases. We’re going to see daily fluctuations based on when numbers come in, but the trend as a whole is encouraging. The growth rate as of yesterday was 0.3%. Still incredibly low, still significant progress, especially compared to where we were 6-8 weeks ago. What’s important for folks to know is that the virus is out there, in our communities, and we need to be smart and safe by remaining at least six feet from others and wearing masks in public to protect ourselves.

National Nurses Day

Today (May 6) is National Nurses Day, which is a day to thank and honor the medical heroes that are on the front lines of this crisis saving lives every single day. Our Safer-at-Home guidance still requires a high level of social distancing and mask-wearing and is designed to protect our health care facilities, equipment, and most importantly our health care workers. Your continued compliance with these public health orders is essential if we want this phase to be successful.

Today at Governor Polis’s media briefing, Colorado Nurse Practitioner Laura Rosenthal talked about what she has been seeing on the front lines, and urged Coloradans to stay home and adhere to the Safer-at-Home guidelines.

You can view the press briefing and hear her full remarks here.  

State-Sourced PPE

As you know, we’ve been fighting to get our hands on as much personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, gowns, face shields, etc.) as we can to protect our frontline workers.

The Governor gave an update on where we stand in terms of PPE. Since April 1st we have acquired the following:

  • 2,472,205 Surgical Masks

  • 116,065 Face Shields

  • 195,109 Gowns

  • 1,640,100 Gloves

  • 534,474 N95 Masks

Keep in mind that this is just a snapshot and as the number of cases and hospitalizations change, our needs change. We have many purchase orders and requests from the federal government in the que and we are casting a wide net because we know not all of the requests will go through.

Nursing Home PPE

Furthermore, we also know that our senior care facilities are particularly vulnerable to an outbreak because of the age of the population, the likelihood of underlying health conditions, and the close proximity of the residents. So we are taking extra steps to make sure that workers in these facilities can protect themselves from this virus.

We’re working with the Colorado National Guard and CSU to do targeted testing of thousands of residents at these facilities to make sure that if there are symptomatic members of the community, that we can isolate them, do contact tracing, and better control the spread of the virus. We are also sending two shipments, two weeks apart, of personal protective equipment to keep these facilities safe, each containing:

  • 85,521 Masks

  • 7,413 Eye protection

  • 77,840 Gowns

  • 388,733 Gloves

We hope that we can continue to make these shipments every two weeks as we get our hands on more supplies

Distribution of PPE

Here is the breakdown of where the PPE is going after the state successfully obtains it, either from private sources or the federal government:

  • 39.2% has gone to First Responders

  • 23.3% has gone to Hospitals

  • 11.5% has gone to Senior Care Facilities 

  • 6.1% has gone to Home Care

  • 4.3% has gone to Emergency Management/Public Health

  • 4.0% has gone to Clinics

  • 3.7% has gone to Hospital Designees (Hospital designees are other service providers affiliated with a hospital, like a physical therapist, home health affiliated, some EMS, etc)

  • 0.6% has gone to the State Emergency Operations Center staff to make sure that our central command is safe

  • And 6.6% is going to a variety of other providers and frontline workers.

*NEW* Battelle Sterilization System

We’re still working as hard as we can to obtain PPE. Thankfully, Colorado has been the recipient of some remarkable technology that should help to ease the pressure on our PPE needs. Colorado has received not one but two Battelle Sterilization Systems from FEMA to decontaminate thousands of N95 respirators using concentrated, vapor phase hydrogen peroxide. Think of it as a massive dishwasher for these important, lifesaving, and increasingly scarce N95 masks. The Battelle Sterilization system is at the Adams County Fairgrounds and is currently operational and is sterilizing N95 masks for over 100 skilled nursing centers, hospitals and other health care providers. A second system will begin operating in Montrose next week.

Funding for Telemedicine

The Governor announced that the state has received $7.9 million from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for our office of eHealth Innovation to develop more telehealth possibilities for Coloradans as we weather this crisis.

While doctors offices are some of the safest, most sterile places we can be, we still want to limit in-person interactions as much as possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and of course, we want to keep our medical professionals safe and healthy on the front lines. And this is especially important when diagnosing potential COVID cases. Many diagnoses and consultations can be carried out over a telehealth video chat session.

We encourage Coloradans to use these telehealth options by visiting and scrolling down the page to find the telehealth section.



Elevating and Celebrating Nurses: You Make A Difference

When the American Nurses Association and Colorado Nurses Association planned activities and resources for the Year of the Nurse, including expanding Nurses Week to a month-long tribute, little did we know we would be in the grip of a global pandemic. Now more than ever, we need to support and recognize nurses for their contributions in crises and for their ongoing roles in meeting the needs of patients and their communities. In these challenging times, we encourage you to promote nurses’ health and well-being and to honor them in every way you can. While continued social distancing may limit our face-to-face activities, think of creative ways to engage and participate in virtual ways.

Nurses Month provides an opportunity to promote the value of nursing, advocate for the profession, conduct media outreach, and host a (virtual) event. Connect your activities to the official Nurses Month tagline — You Make a Difference — recognizing nurses’ unparalleled impact on health and health care.

Week One - MAY 1–9

Focus on the emotional and physical well- being of yourself and others by engaging in healthy activities that focus on both your body and mind.

Participate in online seminars with experts speaking on key topics affecting the nursing community, such as mental health awareness, managing stress, implementing self-care habits into your daily routine, and safety in the workplace.

Watch for Healthy Nurse, Healthy NationTM communications and micro-challenges that aim to help you improve your health and well-being now and into the future. Follow this link for more details.

Do a self-care assessment on yourself. What activities are you doing to benefit your health and reduce your stress? How do you care for your emotional well-being? Once you’ve defined these areas, plan a course of action or join the Healthy Nurse, Healthy NationTM Grand Challenge, an initiative to help you improve health in five areas: physical activity, nutrition, rest, quality of life, and safety.

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